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Electric Installations - HVAC - SERVICE

Hangon Sähkö offer overall solutions in electricity and HVAC for companies, governmental institutions and private sector. We're at your service from planning to installation to service. We electrify properties, machines and cranes, we deliver and install heating and cooling devices and make sure the property is protected against everything from burglaries to fires.

We make sure our that your systems and processes work flawlessly, long after the installation of it. In addition to this we offer you electric and HVAC material to a competitive price.

Turn-key contracts, subcontracting etc.

For all kinds of projects


Hangon Sähkö offers comprehensive contracts, including subcontracting for industry, for all types of real estate and processes. In addition to real estate, we electrify cooling and heating systems, logististics facilities and production machines.

We offer total solutions in power supply and electricity distribution, such as installation of low and medium voltage switchgear and compensation systems. Our services also include instrumentation and process electricity. In real estate automations, we offer KNX services to connect the property's various technical features such as lighting, heating, ventilation and alarm systems.

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Flexible and cost-effective

Service- and overhaul

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Hangö Elektriska is an expert and reliable partner when you need someone who takes care of your property. We provide flexible and cost-effective overhaul and maintenance services with high technical expertise. Among our services are technical property services, industrial and mechanical services, and electrical and plumbing services.

We maintain the property's heating, water, ventilation, electricity, data, telecommunications and security systems. We maintain your industry and consumer electronics, telecommunications equipment, your fire detectors and other appliances.

With us as a partner, all systems and machines work optimally in your production facility or home.

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